Blue obsession

Scones session with Alex earlier today at Le Pain Quotidien

It's no surprise that Monday started out bright and sunny, so much so that Sarah could walk to our lunch destination in her sleeveless dress without a jacket, till we left the restaurant and she had to layer up because the sky went all cloudy and it had started to drizzle. 

I'm very pleased with my fluffiest blue scarf that I finished knitting last week. It keeps me so warm and completely immune to the strong wind, the best thing about it, definitely, is the colour of it. Think my obsession with all things blue is still standing strong. 

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Hannah G said...

I can't believe you knitted that scarf - it looks so professional! And I love the colours, it's all my favourite colours knitted into a snug bundle. ;)
Plus, that scone looks amazing!

~Hannah xx

Anat Koren said...

Lovely scarf and amazing photos! XOXO


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