Taichung photodiary

Long overdue photos from a city I enjoyed very much in Taiwan, Taichung. 
We departed from Taipei around noon and got on the High Speed Rail which, travels at up to 300km/h. It was so quick, we reached Taichung in less than 2 hours. 

Think my sister and I had 2 cup of bubble tea a day and this is my favourite bubble tea shop in Taiwan.

We had breakfast at 'The second market' and walked around the city which had many cute cafes along little streets.

Miyahara. Pretty packaging of pineapple cakes. There were so many various sizes in several designs, we were spoilt for choice.

There was an old shop near where we stayed at and we decided to get stamps in our Chinese name. I was so pleased because this was a perfect souvenier to get. We were able to choose our own stamps and some were made of wood/ plastic/ glass etc.

TADA! Finished product. 辜娟慧 is my mandarin name and it's read from right to left on the stamp.

Feng Jia night market was just a 5 min walk from our stay, making it so convenient, especially after a long day of walking around all day exploring new places in Taichung. This is a really good market with so much food and interesting items sold, even household items.

Back in London and it's getting colder as the days go by. Thank god for fuzzy jumpers and a hot water bottle, not to mention hot chocolate to keep my warm! Despite the cold, it feels great to be back at University and staying with the best flatmates anyone could ask for. 

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Le de Sociale said...

Looks like we need to make a visit! Great bumping into your blog.

Giana. LDS


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