Persun Mall promotion

Was glad to find out that Persun Mall is currently having a V-day promotion! Persun Mall is offering a coupon code across all the products on the site.
I visited the site and these are a few of the several items they have that caught my eye.

Which is your favourite? My wardrobe is filled with basics and neutrals at the moment, looking at bright prints makes me look forward to the warmer season. Gone with the January blues.

To get the discount, key in promo code: 'VD10' at check out page.
Start shopping/browsing here: 10% OFF $60+ Valentine’s Day On PersunMall (Click Click Click)

Offer ends 15th February. 



like the dress :)


like the dress :)

Jill Barry said...

I love the recent medieval fashions that have been coming out, especially all the brocade style!

x. jill
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