Taipei photodiary

My family spent 9 fun-filled days in Taiwan this December exploring 3 different cities and we loved every minute of it. Eating and travelling around in Taiwan is cheaper compared to that of Singapore, so that definitely was a plus point. There were many 'must-try' restaurants and coffee shops as told by friends and family and even the receptionist at our hotels. Taiwanese are so friendly and willing to help you in any way you can.
Most of our time was spent eating and walking around famous food night markets. 

Pigs' tongues. Did not try cos they look nasty.

From the tallest building in Taiwan, overlooking the entire Taipei city on the 101st floor.

An oyster as big as your face. 

Bubble tea and tea eggs were my favourites on this trip and I had about 10 cups/10 eggs the entire trip.

Ximending is filled with so many Singaporean tourists, not to my surprise. The area was great because there were so many shops/ restaurants/ markets and little streets to explore. Plus, everything doesn't close till late so you can easily roam around and lose track of time. 

Famous and yummy vermicelli soup. 

We took the 'Crystal cabin' (cable car with glass floor) to Maokong.

We chose this out of the several other tea houses on the same street. Drinking hot tea (grown from local tea plantations) in this chilly weather is a must.

Love all the variations of chinese characters signboards and posters have in Taiwan.

That's it for Taipei city. We travelled south to Taichung city after.

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Teresa Vu said...

Beautiful photos (minus the pig tongues that is haha)! I definitely need to go on a trip to Taipei now hehe~ Thank you for sharing <333



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