Brighton photodiary

Managed to visit this little town about a month ago on one weekday when I had no class. It felt great walking along the pebble beach by the seafront, and we had a seafood lunch at a restaurant. Didn't get to do much in Brighton apart from the tourist attractions like walking along the lanes and the pier. Definitely will get to visit again when a friend enrolls in Sussex university! I'm sure there'll be more to do when it's warmer because let's just face it, this weather just makes me want to snuggle in my bed all day.

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Sophie Ruffell said...

Awww such lovely photos.
Hope you had fun :)
Definitely have to have a trip when it's warmer.


Eraklia-AttitudeUnique said...

love your photos from Bighton!
thanks for your comment! Your blog is pretty cool and i like the design of it too.

keep in touch xx

Michelle Verpuggi said...

love those pics bebe! XX


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