The Narrow

Was fortunate enough to have an amazing dinner at one of Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in London in such a lovely area in Limehouse. The walk from the DLR station would've been better if the weather wasn't so cold when I tried this in March.

The place was so classy and service was impeccable. There were many tables along the windows overlooking the entire river and the tall buildings of Canary Wharf could be seen. Didn't take a photo, unfortunately.

I had such a seafood-filled meal; Potted Salmon for starters and Haddock & chips as my mains. Delicious! My parents took the steak, I guess it was alright but I'm not really much of fan of steak, to be honest. Definitely prefer eating ribs :)

If only I could try every single Jamie Oliver & Gordon Ramsay restaurant in London but that is financially impossible for me. Maybe I'll be able to check this off my to-do list in this lifetime. Just, maybe.

The Narrow is @ 44 Narrow St, London E14 8DP

I'm completely slow in posting about interesting places I went to when my parents visited (oops) and I'm going for a 3 week holiday in America so there's gonna be loads of travel posts I'd wanna do. So excited. I have this undying love for America which can't be explained.



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