Amsterdam: Burgers and Beer

 The first weekend of May was spent exploring Amsterdam for the first time with my friend Daryl and it felt so good to get out of London for a bit. I have to say, the Dutch food is amazing; I love everything that they have! If only there was enough time to try every single cafe/restaurant. To me, there was comfort food everywhere we walked. 

On the first evening we tried Burger Bar. Fries on the side, er.. YES PLEASE. 

 They gave a heap of chips (thank you, Burger Bar) and we also had Joppie sauce to go with it. It's like a thing:
Burgers + Chunky and yummy chips + Juicy and moist burger = Heaven.
Burger Bar can be found at: Kolksteeg 2, 1012 PT Amsterdam, Netherlands

The next day we decided to be kinder to our calorie counter and shared a burger. One. With nothing else on the side. Come to think of it, I should've just stuffed my face with amazing food when I had the chance. I mean c'mon, how often does one get to go to Amsterdam. Anyway, we chanced upon The Butcher  while walking along Albert Cuyp Market.

Look at how juicy this chicken burger & onions is. It was soo tasty. I can't seem to decide which burger place is better though. Perhaps it's a tie! Or I'll just have to visit Amsterdam and stuff my face with burgers from those places to find out. I'm determined to go there again next year anyway, considering the extremely short 1hour flight from London. 
The Butcher can be found at: Albert Cuypstraat 129, Amsterdam 1072CS

As if having burgers wasn't enough, we added a few pints of 'world-class' beer to our Amsterdam diet. 
18 Euros for a ticket to experience World of Heineken. That very location was where the actual brewery of Heineken was built in 1864. The whole tour was pretty enjoyable! You get cool wristbands (not really), 2 pints of beer included, a tour of the history of the Heineken family, play games (totally won in our game of foosball) and so much more. I would say it's pretty worth the 18 Euros. 

Also, you get to stand behind the counter and draft your own beer.

I would say the best thing was walking out a self-proclaimed bartender.

Heineken Experience: Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands



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